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Louisiana’s Supercomputer Ranked among Top in the World

The Louisiana Board of Regents recently received notification that its newly upgraded computer system, known as QB-2, has been designated as the 46th most powerful system in the world according to the TOP500 Supercomputer Sites. QB-2 is an upgrade from the original supercomputer launched in 2007 (known as Queen Bee), and is the cornerstone of the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI).

QB-2 is a high performance computer cluster system with a 1.5-petaflops capability. The system is housed at the state Information Services Building (ISB) and has a primary focus of serving the state’s colleges and universities. The QB-2 system is the best tool to seek answers to highly complex, challenging regional and global technical problems facing our state and nation. The system is nearly 30 times more powerful than its predecessor and 300 times more powerful than most supercomputers operating on individual campuses, enhancing collaboration through research and producing faster results with greater accuracy.

“We are honored to have a system that has been named as one of the Top 50 supercomputers in the world,” said Lonnie Leger, Executive Director of the LONI network. “We believe that the impact of this system will be greatly beneficial to the cultivation of research and economic development, and it’s happening right here in Louisiana.”

“This continued designation has positioned Louisiana as a global competitor,” said Barbara Goodson, Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Administration.   “Collaboration is essential for our institutions right now, and the Board of Regents is proud to have spearheaded these efforts so that our institutions may continue to work together and optimally perform in the areas of technology and research.  We would not have been able to complete this process without the continued support of Governor Jindal and Commissioner of Administration, Kristy Nichols.”

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Commissioner Joseph C. Rallo Signs a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve 

On Jan 16, 2015 Retired COL. Jerald Juneau  presented the Secretary of Defense Statement of Support of the Guard and Reserve to Dr. Joseph C. Rallo, recently appointed Commissioner of Higher Education, Board of Regents, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Click here to read more…









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Louisiana higher education fall enrollment has increased by 16,167 students since 2008.


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