Geaux To College

Recognizing national and state trends related to access and completion in higher education, the Geaux to College Campaign seeks to promote the importance of college by directing both students and parents to important resources that will help them to make good decisions during the college-going process. The campaign will accomplish this goal by bringing together multiple state agencies (e.g., Louisiana Board of Regents, Louisiana Workforce Commission, Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, Louisiana Department of Education, etc.) who are providing support and assistance to help students experience success in college. Click here to find out more about the opportunities and resources that are available to YOU!





Through the development and promotion of the Louisiana Transfer degree, a robust articulation and transfer system is now in place.

Graduation Rates are increasing overall.

Louisiana higher education fall enrollment has increased by 16,167 students since 2008.

Working with BESE, the Board of Regents has helped to ensure that more students are graduating from high school ready for college or career. ACT scores are on the rise.


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