Why choose Louisiana
for Higher Education?

The benefits of a Louisiana higher education degree are endless! Whether choosing an Associate’s degree at one of our Community and Technical Colleges, a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. at one of our four-year institutions, or even a professional degree at one of our medical or law schools your educational experience at any Louisiana public institution is guaranteed to positively impact your future. Read More >>



Louisiana is on the cusp of a major economic boom fueled by construction of new plants in the energy and manufacturing sectors. That has fostered a more urgent focus on meeting the growing workforce needs of these and other employers in the areas of construction, engineering and plant operations. What it has not done to date is lead to a broader conversation about the widespread economic and societal benefits of improving the educational attainment of all of our population.

The goal of this effort is to inject the specific issues of attainment and equity into the current policy discussion now taking place in our state. This statewide policy conference with key stakeholders is focused on attainment and equity in an effort to mount a public information campaign to raise awareness about these issues, create a sense of urgency around them and develop strategies based on individual stakeholder ideas and successes in other states to achieve our goal.

Together, CABL and the Louisiana Board of Regents share an ultimate goal of making attainment and equity a more prominent part of the ongoing statewide discussion on postsecondary education, leading to more ambitious goals at the state level that will serve to achieve success.

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