LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network


LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network is a partnership with academic libraries, state and private libraries, and museums and archives. With a centralized support staff, commonly referred to as “LOUIS” located on the LSU campus, LOUIS combines the collective resources of all members to produce a dynamic library consortium.

LOUIS provides member-approved initiatives which include information technology solutions such as an integrated library system, a digital library, interlibrary loan, electronic scholarly resources, and a host of other services.

Established in 1992 by academic library deans and directors, LOUIS currently has 49 members, and is funded by the Louisiana Academic Libraries Information Network Consortium (LALINC) members and the Board of Regents. LOUIS is growing, adding new members each year.  Read more





Through the development and promotion of the Louisiana Transfer degree, a robust articulation and transfer system is now in place.

Graduation Rates are increasing overall.

Louisiana higher education fall enrollment has increased by 16,167 students since 2008.

Working with BESE, the Board of Regents has helped to ensure that more students are graduating from high school ready for college or career. ACT scores are on the rise.


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